Africa Diary – Day 7 – A Village Worthy of ‘Tim Burton’

Cleary-Ethiopia-D7-000052Slept-in this morning, Soloman has to wait until the local guide office opens, to arrange a visit to the local Konso tribe.

Though the people are more modern in their dress, the village itself has a huge gnarlish appeal to me.

I’m drawn to the Tolkien-esque quality of the pathways and entryways and the densely compressed huts. This tribe have adopted modern dress, which seems to be the only visible concession to modern living. The children are a bit afraid of the camera while at the same time curious and excited.

Afterwards, we head back to town and wander the marketplace in Karat, shooting candids. Several people seem amused by the hair on my arms, it’s startling when they stroke it as I walk past. At one point I discover a young boy with has his hand in my pocket, trying for my iPhone.

Bonus, today’s driving is short to ArbaMinch, – 90 minutes. We settle-in to the comparatively luxurious Tourist Hotel, where among other things there’s a wireless Internet connection for the first time in a week!

244 emails later, I’m caught up.

Sitting in the beautiful courtyard, I have time to review all of my images, content.

Later we have our ‘wrap’ dinner and celebration in the open-air courtyard. Together with Danny our driver, Soloman our guide and Mr. Fix we review the trip and look at some of the standout images together. Though there is a firm agreement that I won’t carry money, nor get involved in any transactions, I want to pay for dinner; beers, food, scotch.. all-in comes to $23.00!

The place is crawling with older Caucasian men accompanied by very young attractive Ethiopian girls, so I’m not too surprised when a girl surreptitiously places a folded piece of paper on my table as she walks-past…


  1. Bas

    Dermot, thank you for these great blog posts – I love being able to peek over your shoulder and travel with you.
    That image above from the Konso location makes me think of Guillermo del Toro’s work – like a dark fairy tale.

    I can not wait to get my hands on your book. Hurry please!

    • Dermot

      I’m humbled by such a great comparison, thank you

  2. PhotoAD

    Only 7 days? You’ve left me wanting more! A talented photographer and natural storyteller. What an incredible experience thanks for sharing.