MONGOLIA – Photographing the Kazakh Eagle Hunters – Getting Out of Town

I am heading to photograph the Kazakh Eagle Hunters in Western Mongolia, have been planning this trip for some time.  In the words of my producer and friend Jono Nemethy ‘You’re going to the furthest place in the world… and you’re going in the WINTER!’

I’m going to write about our adventures every day, in real time, I want to share what we experience as well as the way we create images in sub-zero conditions and talk candidly about what works, and what doesn’t.                                                                                              

Some of the 14 day trip we will be out of communication, so I’ll post when I have connectivity.

One amazing assistant – Zachary Koski and 10 bags of gear completes the package.  I will be shooting with the most bad-ass stills camera in the world – the new Phase One XF system, to create a series of fine art images of these epic people, for an upcoming exhibition.

Our project wouldn’t be possible without the support and expertise of our Fixers Panoramic Journeys, with their guidance we are travelling from Toronto via: Seoul Korea to Ulaanbaatar Mongolia and then a domestic flight to the western tip of Mongolia, in the mountains near the Russian and Chinese borders.

Carnet, extra food and winter expedition clothes in-hand, we begin!



  1. Terence Morrissey

    Very interesting, looking forward to hear your stories.

  2. Dermot

    Keep an eye on my blog for more updates Terry, thanks for your interest!