MONGOLIA – Photographing the Kazakh Eagle Hunters – Seoul

The line between days is blurry at the moment , what with the 14 hour flight, crossing time zones and such.  By the time we got to our hotel in Seoul it had been 24 hours from the time we left my studio.


Travel has been smooth, no real baggage or scheduling issues worth mentioning. The Korean Air people are outstanding, this might be the best airline I’ve ever travelled with.

Considering the upside-down clock, I slept really well, even had time to enjoy a workout in the hotel gym, where I saw this well-intentioned waste of space, the ‘Super Belt Massager’!


Today, we fly into Ulaanbaatar.


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  1. KK

    Hi Dermot, would love to hear about (and see) the rest of your trip. I’m sure the outcome was amazing!