MONGOLIA – Photographing the Kazakh Eagle Hunters – Finally Mongolia

Saturday Dec 5, up at 5:00am, can’t sleep any more.  Waiting.  The next scheduled next flight to the west is tomorrow.  Admittedly, a day in Ulaabnbaatar is a good opportunity to regroup.  A last-chance to catch-up with family on Skype and tackle some client emails. That done, we meet for a late breakfast and head out to do some errands and explore the city.

ulaanbaatar weather

Cleary morning in Ulaabnbaatar

We’ve been warned numerous times about the dangers of pickpockets, cabs and xenophobic attacks, so we take extra precautions.  In one of several crazy cab rides Zak remarks about me having my ‘game-face full-on’.  Funny.

Later, we end up at Grand Chinggis Khaan Square, I’m in awe of kids riding bikes and old people sitting reading as if it’s a summers day.  Did I mention it’s minus 20?

Grand Chinggis Khaan Square



Determined to get a great dinner tonight we learn of a fantastic Indian restaurant located near the National Wrestling Palace, Hazara  exceeds expectations, we get our great, last feast before heading to the remote mountains in the west tomorrow.