Why do I get hired?

“As our clients should, they expect exceptional unique work.  I always ask way too much from Dermot and his team and always get more than I expected.”
Scott Luit
Creative Director


“awesome… dude“
Josh Clutter
Photo Editor


“Dermot is a gifted photographer – one who can work well with a brief – as well as greatly contribute to the final product.  On every occasion working with Dermot and his team, it has been remarkable.”
Brent Wardrop
Creative Director


“I have had the pleasure of working with Dermot, he is a complete professional.  He is on time, on budget and an absolute joy to work with from a production, program manager and client perspective.
If I could work with Dermot on all my photography requirements I would.”
Patricia Hennessy
Director Production and Program Manager


“I feel working with Dermot made me a better Art Director.
Dermot knows how to push himself, and those he collaborates with, towards that which is more exceptional.  His images consistently exceed expectation, both conceptually and aesthetically.”
Rob Machida
Art Director


“Dermot  and his team are total professionals that maintain a personable, accommodating approach.  I have yet to present an issue that Dermot cannot find a solution for that balances client expectations, budget and timeline parameters, and creative integrity.  He is solution focused and will work hard to deliver even under tight timelines.  And his creative delivery is impeccable.”
Sarah G. Schmidt
Account Manager
Scout Communications Inc.


“Dermot is able to successfully capture the essence of the photo that aligns with the organization’s culture and overall design of the AR.  It is always a pleasure to work with Dermot primarily because of his professionalism, reliability and attention to detail when organizing a photo shoot;
I have no hesitation in recommending Dermot for any corporate photo shoot.”
May Chong
Director, Communications
CPP Investment Board


“I met Dermot a few years ago at Y&R, he walked in impeccably dressed, every hair in place and portfolio in hand; he looked like he’d just walked off the cover of GQ.  I was impressed. But that was nothing compared to his book.  That, blew me away.
He had style. Polish.  Immaculate lighting.  Every picture was selected purposefully—and it was evident why.  They were full of character, storytelling and I dare say, they were art.  It was easy conversation and he was happy to share the stories behind the images.
After the meeting, I knew I wanted to work with him.  It took about a year and a half but finally we got a chance to work together on a project.  It was a small, portrait style project, and not as glamorous as some of the work he’s done before, but you wouldn’t have know that from how he was on set.  The lighting was precise.  The makeup and wardrobe just right.  His attention to detail was mind-blowing.  The same was true the next time we were on set together.
He works with our initial concepts, makes suggestions and really becomes a part of the team.  For me that’s huge.  Great creative happens when every part of the team brings their individual skill-set to the table and works together to elevate the execution.
I anticipate working with Dermot again when the opportunity arises and would recommend his work to anyone looking for a photographer who will insist on nothing less than the very best.”
Micheal McKay
Art Director

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